LingoLearn Student Page

As a part of EDET 755, I 'enrolled' as a student in the language learning course created by my classmates - LingoLearn. This page hosts my work in that 'course'.

Assignment 2:

5 words or phrases that get I get wrong:
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • nuclear ("nuculer")
  • espresso ("expresso")
  • capuchino ("cupachino")
  • quote instead of quotation

Assignment 3:

5 words or phrases that annoy me when other people get them wrong:
  • whenever - instead of when ("whenever I come over...)
  • irregardless - instead of regardless ("I'm going to the beach regardless of the weather")
  • more unique - unique means 'one of a kind'. something is either unique or not, it cannot be more unique
  • aks - instead of ask ("can I ask you a question?")
  • If I was... - instead of "If I were..." (improper use of subjunctive)

Assignment 5:

More Unique?

Available on YouTube

Grammar Practice 1:

Available on YouTube